Welcome to Two-Penny Clytemnestra
Version Five ~ Unaccountably Baker Street!

   Hallo, and welcome to Version Five of Jack of None's website, Two-Penny Clytemnestra. Follow the links to the left, if you please, wherever they may lead you. Or, you may scroll down for updates.

Home...simply leads here, where the updates are.

Writings...fanfiction, original stories, and poetry of a most peculiar nature.

Art...this stop is visual -- drawings digital and traditional. Also, Livejournal icons.

Journal...the casebook of Jack of None -- scholar, writer, gamer, geek.

Profile...About a young gentlewoman who is in charge of matters.

Site...Difference-engine-related information.


New layout. I adore the previous one to death, but my HTML abilities were getting rusty and I figured it was time for a change. Also, some new writings to entertain you all.